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Checkbook Cover PDF Pattern Download

Checkbook Cover PDF Pattern Download


This is a great starter project for working with Cork Fabric.  This pdf download includes written instructions on how to assemble including photos along with the pattern pieces needed to make this Checkbook Cover.  This design fits a standard US checkbook and register.


When purchasing this pattern you agree to the following terms:
You may not distribute copies of this pattern without written consent from the designer.  This pattern is to be used by one person for personal, non-commercial use.  Commercial production (ie: factory style setting) is strictly prohibited.  This pattern can be made and sold at vendor events/craft fairs by a home sewer.  You also agree, upon purchase, that you will not alter this pattern and try to sell under a different name.  You will not create a how to video or any instructional video and post on any social media or any other  private or public platform (I.e.: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) without first having written consent from the copyright owner.  

SKU: PDF-009
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    If you, the consumer, live in a state or in a country that requires sales tax or VAT to be paid on digital purchases, you, the consumer need to file the necessary consumer use tax with your own state or countries taxing authority. 

    KM Designs Pattern Co (a/k/a Kris McIntosh or KM Designs by Krisy Kreations) will not be collecting/paying this tax or held responsible for collecting or paying this consumer use tax on digitial products.

  • Terms of Use, Copyright and Licensing Information

    TERMS OF USE, COPYRIGHT AND LICENSING INFORMATION: Checkbook Cover  2020 © KM Designs Pattern Co (a/k/a KM Designs by Krisy Kreations). All Rights Reserved.When purchasing this pattern you agree to the following terms:
    KM Designs Pattern Co has designed this pattern for personal use, to be made by one purchasing individual.   KM Designs Pattern Co is happy to allow products to be made from this pattern and sold by one individual. 
You may not claim pattern as your own or allow others to use the pattern. You may not distribute copies of this pattern.  Commercial mass production of any KM Designs Pattern Co patterns is strictly prohibited.    
You may not publish any private or public instructional videos about this pattern, its construction or the design (i.e.: classroom, sew a long, SAL, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) at any time, without prior written express consent from the designer/copyright owner, Kris McIntosh.

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